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Kathleen Crayton

It's ok to dream with your eyes open!

Kathy Crayton is a self-taught artist. She works from her home studio in Portsmouth, Virginia. Her mediums are textiles, metal, and clay. She creates beautiful women and men handmade jewelry, wearable art, and home decor wall hangings. These creations are featured and sold on her website, at art shows, and other cultural events. She finds inspiration in repurposing old castaways and giving it new life. 

Kathy’s entrepreneurial background in fashion and costume design has given her exciting career opportunities. Her portfolio includes work in television and video production for the Discovery Channel, CBN, and Channel Space. In 2017, the Chesapeake Regional Healthcare in Virginia awarded Kathy with the “Best Business Award” for The Bra Ha-Ha annual fundraiser benefiting breast cancer research.

Kathy is a mother,  grandmother, and great grandmother who loves her family and friends. She is a true encourager and inspires all to never give up on their dreams because it's never too late to start something new. 

The  Mission  & Vision


Offering an artistic style that is all your own. 

You Have "Expressionality




To provide a venue to shop and celebrate cultural diversity whereby bridging the gap by embracing our differences thus bringing all people together.

To uplift one’s state of mind and spirit by self- expression through wearable art fashion.

What you wear conveys the true strength of being yourself.

Dress for yourself and be who you are!

Textile Art Design


To my delight on my birthday, I received a beautifully designed pair of earrings. Kathy's unique design instantly spoke to my style, the multi-color threads, and beading quality showed off her craftsmanship! 

C. Clifton, Georgia

It is not often you imagine something you would like to have but think that it does not exist. I wanted a necklace that was close to my neck, choker-like, and faux pearls. Well to my surprise, I found it online at Express Thyself. I was immediately attracted to the wonderful piece that I could only imagine not thinking I would find it!

Kathy had exactly what I wanted,

am so very lucky to have one of her one-of-a-kind designs.

S. Jones, Virginia

I had the pleasure of creating this website and photographing selective pieces of wearable art and home decor that Kathy has designed. Each piece is truly a masterpiece of creativity. It's hard to find an artesian who can take varying mediums and integrate them successfully.

A Lilly Valley DeZign, Virginia

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